Aug 252016

I sometimes struggle with where to draw lines. Companies make easy targets for shaming, especially when you feel like they’ve let you down. Complaining within the scope of problem resolution is fine. State the problem, and request the fix. Complaining for the sake of complaining is less productive, it twists the mindset, leads to more complaining and serves no real useful purpose.

That said ( yeah, yeah the equivalent of a big BUT ) sometimes the humor/irony in a situation is too much not to share. I think at this point it ceases to be a complaint but still sharing it will bring shame. The problem with shaming a company though is they’re (presumably) made of people having ‘days’. Some are having a great day. Some are having a bad day. Some aren’t even paying attention to what kind of day it is anymore.

Why bring this up? I have an order from Amazon two days late. I’ve contacted FedEx to find out why. They are politely and helpfully working with me to resolve the problem. I learned this morning how my address got mixed up, where it was delivered instead, and they will get it to me ASAP. Since the county just renamed roads and my new changed address isn’t even on Google Maps yet, it all seems perfectly understandable. Knowing where the other address is I could go get it myself in under an hour. It’s not critical so I’ll wait for them.

This is where I have to chuckle and where I may cross a shaming line; “ASAP” means I will have to wait … until tomorrow. Meanwhile, from Los Angeles to New York, “When it positively absolutely has to be there overnight . . . ” LOL! Maybe overnight is just their modus operandi?  My package is only across town. It has something to do with differing routes. I guess this doesn’t happen enough from their perspective to warrant an  extra person to correct things like this. I imagine the local guy trying to work this out for me may not be having a “great day”.

I just wish, as a company, their track record with me was better. The two times I can remember them getting packages to me on time, they also complained about almost not finding my house. One of these times was before the county changed our address.  Ooops! I think I just strayed of into useless complaining, Let’s fix that. FedEx, How can I ensure you’re people know where I live?